Liviu Dorian Vasile

Date of birth: September 3, 1976
Place of birth: Constanta, Romania
Nationality: Romanian
Lives in: Barcelona, Spain

Release Manager, Lead Developer

SIGI - Syndicat Intercommunal de Gestion Informatique (Luxembourg)
September 2012 – Present
  • Software development in accordance with the detailed specifications and architectural documents provided by SIGI, and in compliance with the development standards in place at SIGI. 
  • Assistance for the technical coordination of nearshore development teams. 
  • Release and Deployment Management. 
  • Expertise in case of production problems. 
  • Technical analysis, unit and functional tests. 

Web Programmer, SEO

La Louise (Luxembourg)
February 2012 – September 2012

Software environment: LAMP ( Linux, Apache, MySql, Php), Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Sony Vegas

Main activities and responsibilities :
  • Development of the site, a Luxembourg-based Romanian bookstore. The project consists of a multi-language web shop, a wordpress-based blog, an HTML-based newsletter system and a photo archive 
  • Various videos and posters to support the bookstore`s events

Analyst, Programmer, Web Programmer, SEO Consultant

Bibliostar (Bucharest, Romania)
January 2008 – December 2011

Software environment: Oracle DB, Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports, Linux, Php, Java, PL/Sql, Sql, Visual Basic, Microsoft Access

Main activities and responsibilities:

  • Development of SAGA WebApp, a web-based application for bookstores. SagaWebApp uses Oracle Forms and Reports.
  • Development of the company site, one of the major romanian bookstore. The site uses Oracle DB, Apache web server and php.
  • SEO and Google AdWord
  • Product documentation and training for SagaWebApp.


Self (Romania)
January 2011 – September 2011

  • Writing of “Un fel de piua: 2 Mai şi Vama Veche” ( loosely translated – “Some Sort of Time-Out: 2 Mai and Vama Veche”), an anthropological book about a special beach resort at Black Sea border, a hippie-refuge in the communist era.
  • Developement of the site to support the book
  • Various articles and interviews about the Vama Veche / 2 Mai phenomenon.

Analyst, Programmer, Trainer, SoClass Consultant

LogicLab Ltd. (Bucharest, Romania)
January 1999 – December 2007

Software environment: Oracle DB, Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports, Java, PL/Sql, Sql, Pro*C, C, Linux, Unix
Main activities and responsibilities:

  • Developing the Integrated Customs Information System Inward / Outward Processing Module based on Oracle9i Application Server technologies and configuration for processing country-wide transactions in a centralized architecture, having the server located in Romanian Customs Authority Headquarters.
  • Designing and Developing of complex software applications using the tools part of Oracle Developer 200x applications.
  • Risk assessment and automated methods for fighting against commercial frauds.
  • Various upgrade patches for the RCA (Romanian Customs Administration) Database Improvement of the ICIS (Integrated Customs Information System) Enforcement Module. 
  • SOClass Advanced Development Kit (ADK) for components foreseen in the Phare RO 0107.03.01-Enhancement of the National Customs Authority Enforcement Function. 
  • Design and developing using the SOClass ADK platform of the server and client components corresponding to the Customs Intelligence function of the software development part of the project. 
  • Design and installation of Industrial and Intellectual Property Rights Database (Oracle 10g DB) 
  • Consolidation of data gathered through the different ASYCUDA++ (Automated System for Customs Data) processing flows within a data Warehouse based on the Oracle Data Warehousing technologies. 
  • Mapping the SOClass module to interrogate the logical data structures built in this manner. 
  • Developing product documentation (user and reference manuals, installation guides) for supporting the Romanian Customs Administration technical staff in dealing with the system architecture. 
  • Providing comprehensive train-the-trainer session for skilled Romanian Customs Administration trainers in charge with the on-field training of customs inspectors.


Bucharest University of Letters

Degree in Ethnology, Cultural Anthropology 2008 – 2011

Bucharest University of Mathematics, College of Computer Science 

Degree in Computer Science, Computer Science 1998 – 2001


English - Full professional proficiency
French - Full professional proficiency
Romanian - Native